This program focuses on teaching the modern standard Arabic related to everyday life. The program is suitable for individuals, groups and corporate clientele. It helps learners engage in the Arabic-speaking society.
At Educate we teach Arabic as a living language, offering a form of Modern Standard Arabic integrating colloquial or spoken Arabic. This innovative dual approach enables students to build a strong foundation and develop fluency, allowing learners to converse easily with native speakers in daily situations.

Topics are based on every day and particular situations. You will learn through interactive activities and engaging discussions to help build a strong foundation. Classes include pronunciation rules and drills, vocabulary, useful phrases, sentence patterns and grammar.
The program is taught in 120 hours and divided into 3 levels, Foundation, Beginner and Conversational. Each level is a combination of 2 course, using a combination of different resources that suits student’s needs. The Material is provided free of charge to students who have enrolled in Arabic courses at Educate. It provides information on three main syllabi: Grammar; Vocabulary and Practical Syllabus.

Course Objectives
  • Read and Write in Arabic language.
  • Converse in daily life situation.

Course Format, and Duration 
  • The program is 120 hours.
  • Foundation, Beginner, and conversation levels. each level is 40 hours.
  • Group, private, and semi-private courses.

Student Learning Objective
  • Read & comprehend Arabic publications.
  • Write basic sentences & paragraphs.
  • Speak Arabic in various everyday life situations.
  • Comprehend Arabic conversation in different dialects

  • Grammatical range and accuracy
  • Alphabet and vowels; initial, medial and final sounds;
  • Vocabulary;
  • Practical activities.

  • All non-native Arabic speakers.

Assessment & testing
  • Pre-course placement test.
  • Final test.

Learning Methods
  • A communicative approach to instruction with an emphasis on practical language;

Teaching Material
  • Educate Arabic books.
  • Online resources.

  • A certificate of completion