Introduction This two-day workshop will prepare participants to create and deliver effective technical documents, with particular emphasis on memos, problem-solving and decision-making reports, and technical information material to support their organization’s products and services. The course provides an introduction to the principles of analysis, research and documentation; drafting and revision processes; cohesion and readability of written texts; and the use of basic web technologies to enhance technical writing.   On successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Create documents consistent with “Rensselaer’s Communicative Competencies” (see class readings, competencies)
  • Prepare effective technical documents
  • Understand and use language and terminology appropriate for technical documents, and for problem-solving and decision-making approaches
  • Understand and use information sources appropriate for developing technical documents
Language English
  • 1 day – 8 hours


  • Develop appropriate business language and writing
  • Articulate professional business content messages using a structured writing process
  • Develop ability to initiate and respond effectively to business communication
  • Fine-tune language to deliver targeted messages and to enhance impact
  • B1 – B2


The road to good business writing
  • The golden rules
  • Business writing process
Writing clearly and concisely
  • 9 Cs of writing
  • ABCs of writing
  • Practice exercises
21st-century business language
  • Business correspondence mistakes
  • 10 steps to brilliant business writing
  • Practice exercises
Structuring written messages
  • 4-point plan
Using the appropriate communication format
  • Static vs interactive
  • Personal vs impersonal
The formal business letter
  • Content/layout of a formal business letter
  • Business letter sample writing
Writing effective emails
  • Meeting email communication aims and showcasing your business communication skills
  • Writing an effective subject line
  • Writing a formal email message
  • Writing an informal email message
  • Email writing practice
Writing an internal memorandum
  • Memo structure and content
  • Memo writing practice
Preparing meetings documentation
  • Notice and agenda
  • Minutes of meeting
  • Practice exercises
Writing reports that address business problems/issues
  • Report writing strategy
  • Practice exercises
Learning Outcomes
  • Improve business writing skills
  • Write coherently using effective business communication tools
  • Improve business language and usage
Teaching Material
  • Tailored to suit client needs
  • Business material/publications for discussions and presentations
  • Handouts / Presentations
Teaching Style
  • Teacher-led
  • Student-led
  • Interactive
  • Discussion and analysis
  • Task-based learning
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