About the program
This course examines the basics, most importantly to be considerate of others, dress/appearance, the workplace versus social situations, business meetings, proper introductions and ‘the handshake’, conversation skills/small talk, cultural differences affecting international business opportunities, dealing with interruptions, and proper business email and telephone etiquette. Have you ever been in a situation where?

  • You met someone important and had no idea what to say or do?
  • You spilled soup all over yourself at an important business event?
  • You showed up at an important meeting under or overdressed?

This 2-day Cross-Cultural Business Etiquette workshop will help the participants look and sound their best no matter what the situation.

Who should attend?
This training course is for those who are tasked to lead both people and processes and will assist a wide range of professionals from every field and greatly will benefit:
  • Practicing and aspiring Supervisors at all levels and disciplines;
  • Practicing and aspiring Managers at all levels and disciplines.

  • Define etiquette and provide an example of how etiquette can be of value to a company or organization.
  • Understand the guidelines on how to make effective introductions.
  • Identify the 3 C’s of a good impression.
  • Understand how to use a business card effectively.

What you will gain?
  • Business Etiquette 101
  • Minimize the Nervousness
  • Importance of Names
  • Dos and Don’ts of International Etiquette

  • The Meet and Greet
  • The Four Levels of Conversation
  • Dining in Style – Understanding your Place Setting; Using Your Napkin; Eating Your Meal; Sticky Situations and Possible Situations; Ordering Beverages; Paying The Bill; Tipping;
  • The Message Matters: Grammar and Accuracy; Acronyms; Pace; The Tone;
  • Formal and Informal Letters
  • Common Dress Codes
  • How to End the Meeting; A night out with your Partners?

  • English

Before the program
  • Conduct A pre-course TNA (Training Needs Analysis)

  • 24 Hours – 3 Days

  • 5,500 QAR