This one-day course will provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills for effective business report writing. It is specifically designed to help them raise the standard of their written reports.
The course structure guides participants in learning to develop an appropriate style, tone, and format of writing, present points coherently, and consistently produce sharp, focused and concise reports. They will also gain skills in identifying and correcting common writing errors and be able to share this knowledge among their co-workers.  Participants will be able to understand the characteristics of different report types and when to use them suitably.
Language English
  • 1 Day – 8 Hours
  • Develop skills in writing clear, concise, and appropriate business reports
  • Writing different types of reports
  • Identifying and correcting writing errors
  • B1 – B2


  • The fundamentals of effective report writing
  • Writing for impact
  • Conveying articulate points and data
  • Ensuring effective messaging and reportage
  • Principles of report writing
  • Developing a cohesive and impactful reporting style
  • The common language used in report writing
  • The tone in writing and language
  • Using appropriate business language to enhance tone and delivery   
  • Adhering to the protocol of factual non-personal reporting
  • Employing sound problem-solving/persuasive/conflict resolution approaches
  • Review report samples
  • Proofreading and vetting techniques
  • Identifying pros and cons of tone, language, style, approach
  • Understanding the difference between proofreading and vetting
  • Report writing tools and techniques
  • Identifying report structure and organization
  • Employing systematic planning (templates) such as 4Ps, AIDA, and IMPACT in the writing process
  • Enhancing report with visuals such as tables, graphs, pie charts etc.
Learning Outcomes
  • Write coherent reports
  • Understand how to employ graphs, charts, and diagrams
  • Use reframing tools — PDCA, 4Ps etc. — to solve writing problems
Teaching Material
  • Tailored to suit client needs
  • Business material/publications for discussions and presentations
  • Presentations
Teaching Style
  • Teacher-led
  • Student-led
  • Interactive
  • Discussion and analysis
  • Task-based learning
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