This course is designed to improve English literacy skills in a range of specific professional areas and subjects  Law, Medicine, HR Management, and more. It provides learners with daily-use tools and techniques to upgrade their current level of English skills in line with the requirements of their specific fields.
Language English 
  • Minimum 10 hours
  • Develop occupation-specific English skills for improved speaking, writing, listening, and comprehension
  • All non-native English speakers
  • Students at B1 level and above
  • Developing English literacy skills in diverse topics — finance, marketing, HR, and more
  • Cross-cultural communication skills
  • Practical skills in common business scenarios
  • Business Writing, including e-mails, memos, reports, and professional letters
Learning Outcomes
  • Communicate effectively in occupation-specific environments
  • Manage and work effectively in teams on multi-disciplinary projects
  • Awareness of professional ethics and best practice
Teaching Material
  • Cards
  • Handouts
  • Internet resources
Learning Methods
  • Teacher Lead
  • Student Lead
  • Debate & Task-Based Learning
How to register
Course Fees
  • 350 QR per hour / minimum 10 hours