About the program
This 3-day leadership training course provides a way of leading with a 3-pronged vantage point that de-complicates issues to make effective organizational decisions.

The Three-Dimensions of Mission, Resources and Context better equip you to plot strategy and direction; design and manage processes; coordinate units, supervise and guide others into greater productivity and teamwork.

Who should attend?
This training course is for those who are tasked to lead both people and processes and will assist a wide range of professionals from every field and greatly will benefit:
  • Practicing and aspiring Supervisors at all levels and disciplines;
  • Practicing and aspiring Managers at all levels and disciplines.

Introducing, practicing and understanding the 3 dimensions of leadership to have a continuous improvement and ways to maintain it;

What you will gain?
The ability to recognize and explain the Three-Dimensions of Leadership.
  • Deploy best practices as a supervisor, program manager and/or multi-group leader;
  • Implement the 3-M’s of Change Management and achieve continuous improvement;
  • Distinguish and participate in the good processes that achieve positive organizational outcomes;
  • Craft, organize and develop a positive leadership development culture, in an upbeat work environment.

  • How to manage your organization’s options by handling its resources to achieve its goals;
  • How 3-D MRC values help coach, supervise and motivate others to meet organizational needs;
  • The strategic skills to navigate organizational politics to achieve the missions that matter most;
  • Practical guidelines for training, delegating and disciplining to move the organization’s teams forward.
  • English

Before the program
  • Conduct A pre-course TNA (Training Needs Analysis)

  • 24 Hours – 3 Days

  • 5,500 QAR

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