This two-day workshop in Technical Writing skills will prepare delegates to design effective technical documents, with particular emphasis upon technical memos, problem-solving and decision-making reports, and organizational, product-support, and technical information.
To support these writing tasks, the course provides an introduction to principles of audience analysis, research and documentation, drafting and revision processes, readability and accessibility of written texts, and basic web technologies. Upon satisfactory completion of the course, students will be able to:
  • Create documents consistent with “Rensselaer’s Communicative Competencies” (see Class Readings, Competencies),
  • Design effective technical documents.
  • Understand and use structures of argument appropriate to technical documents, including problem-solving and decision-making structures,
  • Understand and use information architectures appropriate to technical documents.
Language English
  • 2 Days – 16 Hours
  • Present technical information and data in a user-friendly, accessible way
  • Produce cohesive and technically-accurate content
  • Develop appropriate accompanying visuals to enhance text
  • B1 – B2


  • Introduction to technical writing
  • 5 imperatives of effective technical writing
  • The qualities of good technical writing
  • Achieving a readable style
  • 5 Cs of technical writing
  • Transforming technical jargon for the lay reader
  • Ensuring appropriate language and terminology
  • Gathering, evaluating and documenting information
  • Developing sound research skills
  • Identify and employ credible sources to ensure content accuracy
  • Ensuring proper use of ‘farmed’ technical information
  • Planning and Writing a Technical Report / Paper
  • Collecting and grouping information – subject, chronology, analysis
  • Developing content
  • Employing appropriate graphics and other visuals

Learning Outcomes

  •  Improved research skills
  • Sound technical writing skills
  • Enhanced visual communication skills

Teaching Material

  • Tailored to suit client needs
  • Technical material, publications for discussion and presentations
  • Online resources
Teaching/learning method
  • Teacher-led
  • Student-Led
  • Interactive Discussion and analysis
  • Task-based learning
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