Preparation for the TOEFL test has benefitted students who are readying for application to colleges, universities and professional agencies in Qatar and around the world. Educate Learning Center has been offering TOEFL preparation courses for over five years through one-on-one and group classes, and guiding students through the test structure, the scoring system, and the sample test exercises in all components — writing, reading, listening and writing. Our TOEFL preparation course is available upon request.
Language English
  • Based on Assessment
  • Understand all areas of each component and the requirements
  • Improve grammar and vocabulary proficiency
  • Enhance reading, writing, listening and speaking skills
  • Students at B2 level and above
  • All non-native English speakers
  • Developing critical thinking skills
  • Understanding grammar, punctuation, pronunciation, comprehension, vocabulary use
  • Understanding main idea, paragraphing, context, making inferences and drawing conclusions
  • Developing listening skills
  • Understanding essay structure
Learning Outcomes
  • Better understanding of the test structure and scoring
  • Develop test-taking strategies and techniques for each component
  • Improved speaking, listening, reading, writing and vocabulary skills
  Teaching Material
  • Handouts
  • TOEFL preparation publications
  • Internet resources
Learning Methods
  • Teacher Lead
  • Student Lead
  • Debate & Task-Based Learning
  How to register  
  • Placement test
Course Fees QAR 250/Hour