This hands-on course provides experienced teachers with tools and techniques towards becoming better trainers by enhancing their current knowledge and skills. From this course, participants will be enabled to be training providers for CELT-P, CELT-S, and Language for Teaching courses.
Language English
  • 1 week — 40 hours
  • How to be an effective trainer
  • Developing presentation and communication skills
  • How to communicate effectively with a diverse teacher group
  • Helping teachers learn
  • Encouraging teacher leadership
  • Helping teachers deal with student/student, student/teacher dynamics
  • Enhancing teaching/learning tools
  • Experienced Teachers & Trainers


  • Analyzing and designing training sessions
  • Delivering training sessions
  • Observing teachers
  • Managing feedback
  • Developing as a trainer
Learning Outcomes
  • Be familiar with preparation and organization tools for enhanced teacher performance
  • Develop skills for designing and delivering teacher training
  • Assessing teachers’ talents and challenges and providing supportive solutions
  • Enhance good practice for impartial and confidential teacher interaction and feedback
  • Develop sound action plans for teacher development
  • Be able to deliver impactful teacher training courses
Teaching Material
  • Tailored to suit client needs
  • Cambridge resources
  • Online resources
Teaching Style
  • Teacher-led
  • Student-led
  • Discussion and analysis
  • Task-based learning
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