This course is customized for learning a specific area of the Arabic language in various professional sectors such as health and medicine, hospitality and tourism, retail, finance, and Quranic Studies. It is usually conducted in a private or semi-private format. Learner needs are discussed with the instructor prior to the course, and a program is designed towards meeting those expectations.
Language Arabic
  • Private (or semi-private) classes/ minimum 15 hours
  • Develop and improve a specific Arabic language skill.
  • Learners who are at B1 level and above.
  • Language, grammar, vocabulary, daily-use speaking, reading, writing, and listening related to specific learner area
Learning outcomes
  •  Improvement in Arabic skills in learners’ specific area
Teaching Material
  • Cards, Handouts, Internet

Learning Method

  • Teacher Lead
  • Student Lead
  • Debate & Task-Based Learning
How to register TODO: Registration link
Course Fees QAR 350 Per Hour / Minimum 15 hours for registration.