8 to 18 years old students.

The program is designed to create a fun and challenging learning environment for learners, offering individualized learning that suit the needs for all, allowing students to learn independently at their own pace, and provides literacy instruction in correctional for students.
Reading Horizons Elevate® Software targets the gaps in their reading skills through blended learning, offering a direct instruction with qualified teachers and software instruction where students can practice and develop different language skills. Because the software is individualized, it helps students make quick gains, expediting intervention time.

Older students need quick wins and fast results to keep them motivated and engaged. The Reading Horizons Elevate® Software fuels student motivation with a dashboard to track their progress and rewards for completing small achievable goals.
Teachers closely measure and monitor student progress; students stay on track for reading success. The program uses a series of assessments to individual student instruction and track progress. Assessment and lesson performance data can be reviewed by teachers and administrators through the administration system.

Course Objectives
  • Creates a personalized learning objective.
  • Identifies learning gaps.
  • Creates a fun and challenging learning environment.
  • Builds general knowledge.

Course Format, and Duration
  • Duration is personalized depending on the student needs.
  • Software & Direct instruction

Student Learning Objectives
  •  The Pronunciation Tool helps ELLs master each sound of the English language;
  • The English Language Enhancement helps ELLs build proficiency in pronunciation, vocabulary, and American culture;
  • Reference lessons build a basic understanding of English grammar;
  • Online software access from home accelerates learning for students who want extra practice.


    Software Content:
  • Skill-based Lessons;
  • Most Common Words Lessons;
  • Reference Lessons;
  • Vocabulary Building;
  • Reading Passages;
  • Pronunciation Tools;
  • Language-based Lessons;

    Direct Instruction Content:
  • Introduction to Academic Writing;
  • Writing organization; Paragraph and essay organization;
  • Punctuation Rules;
  • Grammatical Range and Accuracy;

  • Grade/s 4-12;
  • Adults;

Assessment & Registration
  • Meeting the parents/students; discussion of parental concerns;
  • 30-min assessment on the Software; or manual assessment;
  • a 30-min essay writing is optional.

Learning Methods
  • Phonics-based method;
  • Teacher-led classes;
  • Instructional Software;

Teaching Material
  • RH ELEVATE student’s handbook
  • Computer software
  • Students handout

  • Program Progress Report is available every 20 hours of the program;