About the program
This program introduces students to the language and culture of contemporary Germany. It provides language training in the four basic skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing – and introduces students to relevant aspects of German culture and society.
At Educate German is taught in 90 hours, helping A1 students achieve the A2 level.
Classes are interactive and taught in full immersion. Teacher focuses on the similarities and differences of Arabic-German and English-German pronunciation, grammar.

Who should attend
  • A0/A1 level learners
  • Candidates preparing for the Goethe test

  • German

  • A1 – Students learn how to make simple enquiries in speaking and writing, and to give instructions, build basic grammar skills and increase vocabulary.
  • A1/A2 – good basic knowledge of German: ability to talk about everyday situations, ask the way and give simple descriptions.
  • A2 – very good basic knowledge of German. Understanding of everyday spoken and written situations, ability to communicate in day-to-day contexts.

What you will gain
  • Ability to communicate in German in social settings
  • Ability to read shot texts and understand the meaning
  • Ability to write short paragraphs describing your day, your surroundings, introduce self and others
  • Ability to listen and understand the language


  • A1 – Alphabet, phrases, simple social dialogues

  • A1/A2 – Student has some knowledge of German. They learn how to express themselves adequately in familiar, everyday situations and to read and understand simple texts. Main course topics include: holidays and travel, living abroad, nature and the environment, family, the generation problem, population, living, the concept of home, news, politics, and radio programs.

  • A2 – student should have a basic command of the fundamentals of German grammar and be in the position to participate in simple discussions and to understand simple texts, including the main points of short press articles. Main topics include: Travel & tourism, employment and the working world, school, education, history, politics & culture, literature.

Before the program
  • A pre-course placement test to identify current levels of learners

  • A Certificate of Completion is awarded at the end of 90-Hour course

  • 90 Hours

  • Course :2,500 QAR
  • Level: 7,500 QAR

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