About the program

Inquiry-based learning is an approach to learning that emphasizes the student’s role in the learning process. Rather than the teacher telling students what they need to know, students are encouraged to explore the material, ask questions, and share ideas. Inquiry-based learning uses different approaches to learning, including small-group discussion and guided learning. Instead of memorizing facts and material, students learn by doing. This allows them to build knowledge through exploration, experience, and discussion.
At Educate, this course is designed and offered as a Teacher Training Workshop.

  • English

Who should attend?
  • Pre-service teachers and experienced teachers.
  • Teachers of primary, secondary schools.
  • Independent English language user (CEFR Level B1 and above)
  • To provide specific strategies and steps needed to develop and effectively administer lessons that focus on student engagement and discovery-based learning.

What you will gain?
  • The benefits of using inquiry-based learning at any grade level
  • The critical components of a successful inquiry-based lesson plan
  • What an inquiry-based lesson looks like in a classroom
  • Designing your own inquiry-based lesson plan

  • Section 1 – What Is Inquiry? The meaning of inquiry-based instructional strategy The rationale behind using the inquiry-based strategy in the classroom
  • Section 2 – Teacher & Student Roles The role of the teacher in an inquiry-based classroom The role of the student in an inquiry-based classroom
  • Section 3 – A Classroom Snapshot of Inquiry-Based Learning What an inquiry-based lesson looks like in an actual elementary school classroom
  • Section 4 – Developing a Lesson Plan Learn the components of an inquiry-based lesson Develop an inquiry-based lesson outline
  • Section 5 – Developing Rigorous Questions Review the six levels of questions on Bloom’s Taxonomy Use Bloom’s Taxonomy to create questions at various cognitive thinking skill levels for your lesson
  • Section 6 – Developing Guiding Activities Review the four levels of activities from Webb’s Depth of Knowledge

Before the program?
  • No preparation is required before the program

  • No testing is included in this training
  • Mostly practical

  • 4 hours workshop

  • 500 QAR