Arabic Language Course in Qatar

Arabic Language

The Arabic language course at Educate is designed to introduce Modern-Standard Arabic (MSA) related to everyday life and is suitable for individuals, groups, and corporations. It provides learners with skills to engage in the daily life of Qatar and other Arabic-speaking communities.

Here, Arabic is taught as a living language; integrating colloquial or spoken Arabic with Modern Standard Arabic for reading and writing. This innovative dual approach enables students to develop fluency to converse with native speakers easily in everyday situations, while aspects of Arabic culture are also incorporated in this learning.

The course develops the Arabic literacy through interactive exercises and engaging discussions. Included in the course are pronunciation rules and drills, vocabulary, useful phrases, sentence patterns and grammar, ability to read and write in TL.


  • Develop and improve core Arabic 4-skills area
    (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking).
  • Gain a sound foundation in speaking.


Program : 1 - 5 levels
Level length : 30 Hours


  • Arabic alphabet
  • Grammar
  • Simple short conversations and exchanges with around 200-300 daily-use words and expressions
  • Reading simple short texts
  • interactive scenarios
  • Listening exercises
  • Ability to speak on specific topics using different sentence structures.

What you will gain

  • Distinguish Arabic sounds and words
  • Read texts, and publications
  • Compose simple sentences and various length texts.
  • Comprehension and communication
  • Insight into Arabic culture
  • Confidence in spoken Arabic


1 level 30 Hours 1,800 QAR
2 levels (level 1 + level 2) 60 Hours 3,240 QAR
Private 1:1 Per hour Starting 300 QAR

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