IELTS Test Preparation

IELTS Test Preparation

Students applying to universities or institutions of higher education that require an advanced English literacy level will benefit from the Academic format of this test.

Learners preparing for immigration application to English-speaking countries will benefit from General Training format that focuses on general skills in broad social and workplace contexts.

The IELTS preparation course in Qatar, conducted in one-on-one or group classes, provide insight into the exam structure and scoring, and guides participants through sample exercises of speaking, reading, listening, and writing, while demonstrating relevant tips and techniques.

Educate offers an IELTS language course in Doha, Qatar that is designed for all levels of learners. We want to help all students reach their potential, so they have more opportunities in a competitive world.


  • Build speaking, reading, listening, writing, and vocabulary skills
  • Improve test-taking skills
  • Develop organization and time-managements skills
  • Develop other test-taking tips and techniques


Program :
Level length :
Course length :


  • Listening Parts 1 to 4 – format and sample exercises
  • How to tackle Reading questions
  • Writing 1 – Letter-writing
  • Writing 1 – Graph description
  • Writing 2 guidelines
  • Speaking format and sample questions
  • Time management techniques

What you will gain

  • Better understanding of the test structure and scoring
  • Develop test-taking strategies and techniques for each component
  • Improved speaking, listening, reading, writing, and vocabulary skills

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