Arabic Language Course in Qatar

Arabic Language

Educate offers the best Arabic language course in Qatar that introduces learners to modern standard Arabic related to everyday life and is suitable for individuals, groups, and corporations. The Arabic language course provides learners with skills to engage in the daily life of Qatar and other Arabic-speaking communities.

Educate helps you to develop skills like personal interaction, conversation, and writing in Arabic. With gradual practice, the learner becomes confident in using the language to communicate with people and knows how to use it practically while interacting with Arabic language-speaking people.

Also, Educate classes are designed to be small in people count, so you can get ample opportunities to participate in various interactive activities performed with other course learners during the sessions.

Educate provides the best Arabic Language course in Doha, Qatar. They teach every aspect of the Arabic language so a beginner can also learn the Arabic Language very quickly. They have served thousands of happy students for more than a decade.


  • Develop & improve core Arabic skills to be able to communicate in Arabic on a daily basis.
  •  Gain a sound foundation in speaking, reading, and writing Arabic


Program : 4 levels + 1 optional level
Level length : 24 hours each
Course length : Conversation Course (24 hours)


  • Arabic alphabet
  • Grammar
  • Simple short conversation
  • Reading simple short texts
  • interactive scenarios
  • Listening exercises
  • Ability to speak on specific topics

What you will gain

  • Distinguish Arabic sounds and words
  •  Read texts and publications
  •  Compose simple sentences and texts
  •  Comprehension and communication
  • Insight into Arabic culture
  •  Gain confidence in spoken Arabic

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