German Language Course in Qatar

German Language

This German language course in Qatar helps you to understand the German culture and give full command of the German language.

Getting enrolled in a German course in Qatar helps you develop your German-speaking and vocabulary skills, which is much required today while studying or working in European institutions.

The German language course in Doha, Qatar, offers one-on-one or interactive group classes for an individual or an organization. Moreover, the sample exercises guide you in speaking, reading, listening, and writing German, while showing relevant tips and techniques for speaking the language fluently.

Educate’s German language course in Qatar offers German learning for all from beginner to expert level. Our sole purpose is to help students from all fields of education or work develop their skills and confidence and achieve higher goals in their endeavors.


  • Develop & improve core German skills to be able to communicate in German on a daily basis.
  • Gain a sound foundation in speaking, reading, and writing German


Program : 4 levels + 1 optional level
Level length : 24 hours each
Course length : Conversation Course (24 hours)


  • German alphabet
  • Grammar
  • Simple short conversation
  • Reading simple short texts
  • interactive scenarios
  • Listening exercises
  • Ability to speak on specific topics

What you will gain

  • Distinguish German sounds and words
  •  Read texts and publications
  •  Compose simple sentences and texts
  •  Comprehension and communication
  • Insight into German culture
  •  Gain confidence in spoken German

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