English Language

English Language Course in Qatar

Educate offers the best English language course in Doha, Qatar that focuses on developing 4 English literacy skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. It is ideal for students who wish to improve their English language skills.

The English language program gives the learner a solid foundation of communication skills that are invaluable for working and living in Qatar.

It focuses on interactive, conversational, and written English, which builds students’ confidence in the use and practical knowledge of the language.

Small class sizes allow students to participate fully in activities and interact with course members.

Educate is known as the Best English language school in Qatar. Our English course is designed for both beginner and intermediate learners. Learn the English Language by Enrolling in our language classes and become fluent in English very quickly.


  • Improve English skills in every aspect from Beginner to Upper IntermediateArabic Language


Program : 4 levels
Level length : 3 courses each
Course length : 30 hours each


  • Foundational knowledge (alphabet, phonemics)
  • Grammar; ability to construct grammatically correct sentences in Speaking and Writing
  • Practical use of the language; Lexical resource
  • Activates on 4-skills area; Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening
  • Interactive scenario

What you will gain

  • Understand written material in English
  • Efficient use of English in writing; emails, letters, reports
  • Using English in social and business situations
  • Read and understand various texts
  •  Ability to write coherently using 4 types of sentence structures

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