English Language

English Language

This course focuses on developing 4 English literacy skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. It is ideal for students who wish to improve their overall English language skills.

The program gives the learner a solid foundation of communication skills thar re invaluable for working and living in Qatar.

It focuses on interactive, conversational, and written English; this serves to build students’ confidence in the use and practical knowledge of the language.

Small class sizes allow students to participate fully in activities and interaction with course members.

  • Improve English skills in every aspect from Beginner to Upper IntermediateArabic Language
Program : 4 levels
Level length : 3 courses each
Course length : 30 hours each
  • Foundational knowledge (alphabet, phonemics)
  • Grammar; ability to construct grammatically correct sentences in Speaking and Writing
  • Practical use of the language; Lexical resource
  • Activates on 4-skills area; Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening
  • Interactive scenario
What you will gain
  • Understand written material in English
  • Efficient use of English in writing; emails, letters, reports
  • Using English in social and business situations
  • Read and understand various texts
  •  Ability to write coherently using 4 types of sentence structures

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