Business English

Business English

Business English course at Educate is designed to help professionals who need to improve their ability to communicate in English in a workplace. The course provides today’s business professionals with English language skills that are necessary in the business world of Qatar and beyond.

Class topics reflect the contemporary global business environment and focus on learning and using business vocabulary.

Our BE courses provide students with necessary tools to practice the language with people of different cultures and backgrounds in a fast-paced business environment of Qatar.


  • Developing oral and written language skills in a business context: reading, listening, speaking and writing.
  • Understanding cultural differences in the language of various business cultures.
  • Raising language competency levels for the business world
  • Developing Business English skills in line with specific learner needs


Program : 2 Courses - 1 level
Course length : 30 Hours  


  • Business Knowledge – reading and discussing a wide variety of business and technical journals to gain an insight into diverse topics
  • Use of technology – students will be asked to look up different internet sources to research the various topics
  • Critical thinking – examinations of case studies dealing with management, marketing and global business
  • Ethical thinking – examinations of dilemmas for companies when dealing with suppliers and products
  • Communication Skills – role plays, discussing business issues in English
  • Intercultural competency – examination of multinational companies

What you will gain

  • Confidence in delivering talks and presentations
  • Develop effective communication skills for the workplace
  • Ability to read and understand diverse business materials
  • Confidence to conduct business in English
  •  Verbal fluency for face-to-face business situations
  •  Confidence to effectively represent your organization at an international level
  • Improved cross-cultural/cross-sector communication with colleagues and clients
  • Enhanced comprehension and response skills
  • Improved pronunciation


1 level 30 Hours 2,500 QAR
Full Course 60 Hours 4,500 QAR
Exam - 600 QAR
Private 1:1 Per hour Starting 300 QAR

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